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Invisalign is the modern way to orthodontically move & straighten teeth. It’s much less painful & cumbersome than traditional braces and easier for the patient. I have never had a patient express that they experienced pain during an Invisalign case. Invisalign was a pioneer in the clear alignment companies. As such they have a superior product and provide outstanding support and product for our patients. They provide ongoing training to ensure our office maintains the most relevant treatment options and skills. Office staff have years of experience with Invisalign and are pleased to offer a free consultation and treatment plan for our patients. We use an Itero laser scanner to take impressions to eliminate the need for impression materials. Having Invisalign in our practice makes it much easier for our patients to get the treatment they need and want without the need to leave our practice. We have several financing options available to ensure the service is affordable to all.

Does It Hurt?

Our office rarely has complaints regarding pain during the Invisalign process. Trays can feel a little tight when treatment begins; however, that generally subsides within a day or two. The process is much less painful than traditional orthodontics.

How Long Does Treatment Take?

Treatment time varies with the amount of crowding and bite issues being corrected. Cases can last a few months to much longer. Compliance to the schedule & treatment plan is the most important factor to the success of the treatment. How much does it cost? Total cost of treatment varies from $989 to $5,200 depending on the amount of correction needed.

Is Financing Available?

Yes. We offer easy financing that can allow the patient to make affordable monthly payments. Our office staff can outline the options & assist you with selecting the best one for your situation.

Does It Damage My Teeth?

No. Teeth are not damaged during the alignment process. We use adhesive to attach “buttons”to select teeth. These are removed at the completion of treatment.

What Is The Advantage Of Clear Aligners?

The obvious advantage is that they are less visible than traditional orthodontics. Additionally, they are less painful and can be removed to eat & clean them. Is there an advantage to going to your practice over an orthodontist office? Our experience makes it much more convenient to receive all your oral care in one office without establishing you or your family at an additional office.

Will I Need To Wear A Retainer? If So, For How Long?

Yes. A retainer is needed at the end of treatment. Teeth will continue to move & shift throughout your lifetime so a retainer will need to be worn at night to maintain the results.

How Many Appointments Will I Need To Complete Treatment?

The number of appointments depends on the complexity and length of each individual case. Generally we schedule clients once a month for 20 minute visits to provide the trays, answer questions, & assess the progress of your treatment.

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